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Thread: Beware Delta Flight changes in April's about the money!

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    I liked a few years ago they had the Friday overnight flight that got us there at 6:30 AM on Saturday. Wish they would do that again!
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    You guys realize the original poster on this thread checked out ages ago.

    One of the reasons I love Bonaire is that it scares off the fain of heart. The only direct flightrs form the US are on weekends from Newark, Altanta, Houstan & now Miami. There is also a Toronto direct flight, but also I believe on a Sunday. The only reason I still live in the NYC metro area is because I can get there from her on Saturday year round direct (except September). If United ever cancels the Saturday ns flight, I'm moving to Atlanta or Bonaire.

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    I don't think to come on here very often and just realized I never updated from my original/first post. Soon after posting, I made calls to Delta and after speaking politely and firmly to 4 different reps whilst moving up the food chain, we got our flights back, got upgraded to comfort seating and we both got $100 vouchers each for the next trip. Squeaky wheel gets the oil as my pappy always said. 3 weeks and we're on island!
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