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    After 10 long years we are returning to Bonaire in March! This will mark our 10th trip to this wonderful island and of course some things have changed, one of which is the Maestro Card. We are working with a rental company to rent a Hilux truck for our stay and were told if we use a credit card there will be a 5% surcharge or we could use a Maestro Card with no surcharge. So we are wondering if the Maestro Card is also acceptable currency throughout the island (i.e. the Cultimara, restaurants, shops, etc.). And BTW are travelerís checks really a thing of the past?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Welcome back!

    Maestro card is a debit card, not a credit card, and is owned by MasterCard. It’s also isssud by most banks in the Netherlands, so it’s not surprising that it’s also accepted on Bonaire. The 5% credit card surcharge is associated with the fees that the credit card companies charge to merchants. Debit cards aren’t subject to those fees.

    Cultimara closed in 2011 after problems paying taxes. A few years later it reopened as Top Supermarket, operated by a Chinese family like several other small markets on the island. Currently Van den Tweel Supermarket and Warehouse Bonaire are the largest and best-stocked supermarkets on the island.

    Use of travelers checks has been declining worldwide since the rise of credit, debit, and ATM cards in the 90s. You might be able to cash them at a Bonairean bank, but it’s unlikely you’ll find any local merchants that accept them.

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