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Thread: Ellen Muller's 2018 Bonaire Underwater Calendars

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    Default Ellen Muller's 2018 Bonaire Underwater Calendars

    As with the past several years, my good friend Ellen Muller, Bonaire’s renowned underwater photographer, has prepared her 2018 wall calendar (8˝” x 11”; 11” x 17” when fully open) with 12 of her new, beautiful and unusual underwater photos. The title of this year’s calendar is again “Underwater Bonaire”. While supplies last they are now being sold on Bonaire at both VIP Diving and Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn (cash only, please).

    I am again acting on Ellen's behalf to offer these calendars to people in the United States, Canada, and on a limited basis Europe who are not able to get one on Bonaire. I do this as a favor to Ellen and do not take any of the proceeds from the sale of these calendars. I get nothing out of this except the pleasure of helping a friend and the pleasure of knowing the purchasers should have a regular reminder of Bonaire.

    I will be shipping the calendars out in mid-to-late November so they will be available for the holidays and gift giving. Please either e-mail me at or send me a Private Message through BT if you are interested in the details (i.e., price, payment method, etc.). The calendar is printed on high-quality, heavy card stock. They are truly a work of art. They also provide an excellent way to minimize PBD and/or get you anticipating your next trip. Below is the cover of this year's calendar.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who expresses interest.

    Mark Director

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    Thanks for doing this! I can't wait to get mine! I can't get to Bonaire this year (bummer), so this will keep me thinking of all the fishes until next year. Don't feel too bad for me, we decided that for our 30th anniversary this year that we'd go to Hawaii instead. It was a great trip.

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