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    Since we are floaters, there is not much to report. Jeff snorkeled everyday. He saw mostly all the usual - tang, grunt, parrotfish and some tarpon; etc. I mostly swam as I have a breathing issue and sometimes even snorkeling is difficult for me. We went to various sites over the two weeks (yes, we are tweekers, one week is never enough.) We went to the Andreas (both I &amp; II), Tolo, Bachelor's Beach, Te Amo, Pink Beach and Invisibles. We skipped Oil Slick, Thousand Steps and Donkey Beach this year. We also found a new place (for us) to swim - the Invisibles site! There is even a little bit of a beach.<br>
    Being floaters we ate out every evening. We found a new place that was for us a real treat. Italy in the World is a different type of Italian cuisine - no "red" sauces. Carlos is a wonderful host and a great chef! His menu is a nice change from the usual Italian fare. A surprise for us was the discovery of the "back room" at Bobbe Jan's -&nbsp;the atmosphere is cozy and the food is just as great as the take-away - including the grilled wahoo! Also, We found another surprise - Patagonia has moved from next door to Donna &amp; Gorgio's&nbsp;to the location of Mi Banana (?) or was it the Four Seasons? I never could remember which was in which spot. Now those spots are Mezzo and Patagonia. We also visited the usuals - Ribs Factory, Rumba, Donna &amp; Giogio's, Karel's, and Sebastian's. Of course, Gio's every night for dessert.

    That is about is. We drove around a bit also. Went to Rincon, the salt flats and Goto Meer. Some things change, yet enough stay the same. We will be back!
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