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Thread: Nonstop EWR to Bonaire United price hasn't changed?

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    Default Nonstop EWR to Bonaire United price hasn't changed?

    I've been tracking flight 3/3-3/17/2018 and it hasn't changed in months $1202! Usually it goes u and down and is cheaper now. I'm afraid not to make reservation but that's way high. Any suggestions?

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    I've been tracking United from Ewr since May. I was able to get it My tix at $1108- business class and my husband's $253 more( I purchased his 5 mins after mine). I check with Yapta daily and was lucky enough for the price to drop back down to $1108 within the 24 hr refund/zero penalty time and United gave me the refund on the price difference on my husband's tix. I would continue to check your flight on Yapta and grab it when it drops. I don't believe it will go down lower $1000.
    best of luck

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    True, the prices with united are just getting higher and higher. Ridiculous. We are looking for april and it is not much better for prices. We like the EWR route also. Delta is offering fairly reasonable rates but overnighting in atlanta for a sunday flight. We are going in october thru newark and it is almost $300-$400 cheaper than april. Go figure!

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    I'm still wishing someone would launch a nonstop from Florida. American from MIA or Spirit from FLL --- maybe one day - they'd fly full, year round.

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