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Thread: Nonstop EWR to Bonaire United price hasn't changed?

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    don't forget when planning your trip to check the bonaire holidays. That is also a break here and KARNAVAL.

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    United has been ridiculous with their pricing!!!! I have been using several different apps(google flights, momondo, hopper,skyscanner) to track flights constantly. They say only x number of seats left at x price but it is all BS. My advice is to stay vigilant and check every day. I ended up getting flight from Oct 28 to Nov 11th for $605 each. During my time searching/watching they went as high as $1100 each. Also I have the United credit card which allows 1st checked bag free and priority boarding when booked using the card.

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    As far as I can tell, all the major Karnaval events end the Monday prior to our originally desired departure on Feb. 24. Also, even if there is a school holiday in the northeast US, why wouldn't the flights to and from Bonaire be equally expensive? Still makes no sense unless there is some unlisted major event about which I am ignorant, but nothing is listed, as far as I can see.

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