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Thread: 2018 Airfares---Really higher than ever!

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    And the price goes up! Just happened to check a few days ago on our March United reservations from Portland, OR, to Bon via Houston. There was a minor, inconsequential problem that United didn't feel required them to contact us - they canceled the Portland to Houston flight! Only when I looked at the reservation on-line did I see a note to contact customer service. Customer service involved a bit of a wait on hold, was obviously off-shore, but rep was easy to understand and genuinely helpful. After examining the alternatives that were available, we decided to red-eye from Portland to Newark, leaving !!:10 pm Friday instead of 6:30am Saturday to Houston - not much sleep either way, and the flight from Newark arrives 2:30pm in Bonaire instead of 7 something pm. Not too bad a change but a big surprise. No additional charge for the flight changes, of course, BUT: when I went to choose seats for the EWR-BON flight, there were no two seats together left in Economy. Bingo, $178 additional to upgrade to Economy Plus just in order to sit together, which is necessary for us because my wife won't travel without me being nearby.

    United also reshuffled our return flights resulting in a longer overall flight duration, but allowed me to substitute a quicker itinerary without change fee.

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    When I booked our Delta flight for September, one connection through Atlanta, I found there was a $25 per ticket charge to be able to select seats. Without paying the charge the seats would be assigned at the gate and seating together was not a possible requirement.

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    Delta from BWI, for all of July and August on either a Saturday or Sunday, the lowest available price is $948 in economy. So much for American getting the other carriers to lower the prices. AA is more than $1000 from BWI in the same time period. It doesn't seem like more people are going to Bonaire so how can they justify the prices? I refuse to use United any longer due to their horrible service like changes without notification.
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    I know it might be out of your way if you live in the USA and the flights stop in April but until Friday you can book a direct flight from Toronto to Bonaire on Sunwing Airlines where the second flight is 50% off, they only fly on Sunday's. You pay C$21 each way for a bag but I just checked a couple of dates and the prices including bags are around C$1200 total which works out to about US$490 per person.

    You can book a seat if you want but I did not on a recent flight and we still got all 3 of us together and even had rows free around us so we had lots of room. Now you just need to find a cheap flight to Toronto.

    You could even add a week at Eden Beach and it still comes out to about US$1660 for 2 adults, bags are free and they transport you to the hotel.

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    Travel is all about convenience. The less people who travel to a destination the higher the airfares are.

    United flys to Bonaire from Newark & Houston. Delta flys from Atlanta and American is supposed to be flying in from Miami. Sunwing flys from Toronto.

    All these flights are limited to weekends only. Getting to Bonaire via Aruba or Curacao are options other days but add 2-6 hours to your trip each way. InselAir is not as bad as it was before they restructured last year.

    I'm lucky, I fly from Newark and not much ever changes. My advice, stop complaining about the air fares and think about how incredibility unique the destination is. You live once - enjoy it. You can always make more money - we do not ever get any more time.

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