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    Default DiveSergeant 2017

    DiveSergeant 2017- the saga begins….

    “You’re an ass”, my coworker said to me.

    This was a point definitely settled. In fact, I think this very topic was covered in last year’s trip report. Still, I’m always interested in the various individual criterion by which the fact is re-established. (For any fans of American Literature out there, I stole the first sentence of this paragraph from one of my favorite short stories. Can you tell me what that story is? No googling allowed!)

    “How’s that?” I enquired.

    “Your jokes. They suck”, he added. “I feel sorry for your wife having to live with you.” Several other coworkers seconded and thirded the sentiment. I think there was a quorum there. The issue is now firmly decided.

    You, in the back, I see you waving your hand and looking confused. Seven lines into my trip report and you’re already lost. OK, I’ll back up. Here’s the background.

    It was this past Easter morning. At about 2:30am I scooped up a kid for drunk driving at two and a half times the legal limit. He was driving an older Kia Soul. Yellow, at that. He said his girlfriend had broken up with him. No ****, Sherlock, you’re driving a yellow Kia Soul, for pity sake.

    Anyway. I impounded his Kia Soul and so I joked that, on Easter Sunday, I took his soul. I thought it was hilarious, in a blasphemous sort of way. My coworker didn’t, and he added, “you sure do need that vacation you keep not shutting up about”. Actually, I think they wanted a vacation from me. He walked away muttering something about me needing to say a Hail Mary or two. Which reminded me of another joke. Maybe it should wait for the next installment, though….

    Which brings us here, right now, to Bonaire, eight days into our vacation with me just now starting my trip report. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    I had been procrastinating until my wife’s partner at work (who read last year’s report last year while we were gone), asked if I was doing a report this year. This spurred me into action. The very least I could do for the poor girl was provide some entertainment for her. Mrs DS works for a local government and kind of left her coworker to the wolves. The wolves being elected officials. Our local governing body is proof that one being an idiot does not preclude one from being elected to public office.

    Enroute / Arrival
    Easy peasy on Delta. Detroit to Atlanta, Atlanta to Bonaire. We had it easy in Atlanta; our arriving flight and departing flight were both in E Concourse. We pushed back fifteen minutes late in Atlanta due to waiting for some passengers whose flight into Atlanta was a bit late. I’m good with this and am glad Delta will make these accommodations.

    Once landed at Bonaire, we were met by our driver, got our car, got to the condo and were in the grocery store stocking up in two hours. Damn, we’re getting this down!

    For airplane fans like me, the plane viewing was, as usual, pretty poor at Flamingo Int’l. The only thing of note on the ramp was a sweet Dassault Falcon 900 tri-jet. If you care, you know what it is. If you don’t know what it is it probably makes no difference to you, so skip right along to the next paragraph. Dassault is proof that, along with sinking unarmed Green Peace boats, France can build some kick ass aircraft.

    Dining, or, as they say here, Gastronomy
    As is our custom, we do breakfast in the condo and typically do lunch in the condo or on-the-go between dives with protein energy bars. Dinners alternate between my cooking and dining out.

    Where we’ve eaten so far….
    Dinners out have been;
    Karel’s- This is always a nice on-the-water dining experience and this was no exception. A nice welcome dinner to the island for our first night.

    El Mundo- We found El Mundo by accident and had fabulous Chicken Quesadilla and Curry Chicken.

    Windsock The Beach- another what-the-heck let’s try here stop. My seared tuna was delicious. Mrs DS’s burger was tasty and huge. Or, as the Trump would say, “uuuge”. The margarita and mudslide were the best we’ve had so far this trip.

    Pasa Bon Pizza- love their pizza. We order for carry out and chillax with a cold bevvie while we wait. Pizza is always great but the bar does not do mudslides! What the heck is up with that.

    We tried both King Kong Bonaire and Cactus Blue food trucks for between-dive gnoshing. Cactus Blue gets lionfish and, being the reef conservationist I am, I like to eat all I can to help with eradicating the little buggers. Both food trucks seem to have their thing down to a science; good food, great atmosphere and reasonably prices.

    I might not mention exactly where we are because, while nice, I’m gonna slam some of the neighbors. Their frigging dogs bark, howl, whine and yip all bloody day and night. I think anyone who lets their dog(s) bark and carry on deserve a special place in hell. First, the dogs are lonely and seek some human interaction. Second, it is just plain rude. We’ve seen the dogs and they seem well cared for, fed, etc. They just carry on, and on, and on! Mrs DS is close to puppy-napping them and bringing them in.

    Other than that, the condo is great, with a nice view of the water and it is an easy walk into the main town.

    Diving and Pictures
    Right. Diving. The whole reason we’re here. Yes, we are diving every day (two dives each day, with each dive time over an hour all the time) and no, I haven’t posted any pictures yet. Mrs DS has some selected and ready to go, but I’m definitely an under-achieving this time around. Tomorrow! I promise!

    And I need to brush up on my youtube-ing. I have some cool vids, too, but never got into youtube enough to figure it out.

    Maybe some day…….

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    A nice first part of your Trip Report, certainly got me wanting more


    PRA & ET Inc
    Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers

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    Default We just wanna eat!

    May 9, and maybe some earlier diving stuff if I ramble

    I mentioned yesterday that my mention of saying a Hail Mary reminded of a joke…

    Young Johnny goes to confession. “Father forgive me, I have slept with an easy girl.” Fr Murphy replied, “Is that you, Johnny? And who is this young girl?”

    “Yes Father, it is me. But I’d rather not tell on the girl.”

    “Well, was it Fiona?” “No Father.”
    “Well, was it Rebecca?” “No Father.”
    “Well, was it Susan?” “No Father, but I’d really like to not name her.”
    “Well, ok. Say five Our Fathers, four Hail Marys and be forgiven.”

    Johnny goes back out to his buddy Tommy in the pews. Tommy asked, “Well, what’d you get?” Johnny answered, “Five Our Fathers, four Hail Marys and three good leads.”

    Ok, back to Bonaire…
    OK. WTH is up with the restaurants here? Saturday we went out to catch some chow. We figured we’d walk along the water and see what looked good. A whole lot of restaurants were closed. We ended up at El Mundo, as discussed earlier. What a great find!

    So tonight we decided to try Joe’s Grill. Nope. Not gonna happen. Closed tonight. No worries. We had seen the Brewery while wandering around looking for food Saturday so we drove downtown. Nope. Not gonna happen. They’re closed too.

    So we went to Mona Lisa and got seated just inside the doors. Hmmm. Charging $43 for a steak seemed kind of pretentious. And not that extensive of a menu. Add in the nauseating smell of cigarette and cigar smoke and we couldn’t take it. We paid for our drinks and bread and scooted. We ended up, yup, you guessed it, at El Mundo. She had the curry chicken and I had an absolutely heavenly rack of ribs. Score another for El Mundo.

    Some notes on diving
    We’ve noticed that it seems that ‘they’ have placed some boulders across the drives to many of the southern shore dives where you used to be able to drive right up to the beach. Not a big deal, and maybe it isn’t new. Mrs DS wonders if the boulders are there to protect turtle nesting areas.

    Current. We seem to be a magnet for it. We have had several dives where it gets ripping. Not a problem, but needs to be accounted for in navigation.

    Critter sightings are good. We’ve seen lots of eels, some huge turtles, tons of adult drum, numerous small cute stuff and… wait for it… the resident frogfish!

    As promised, here are a few pictures….

    Juvenile phase angelfish


    Sharptail Eel


    Turtle Dude


    Young Schoolmaster


    Brittle Star in Sponge


    Oops. I can only load five pictures per post... stay tuned......

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    OK. I'm baaccck!

    Spotted Cleaner Shrimp that we spotted


    A few frogfish shots!

    Nobody can see me if I stay real still.....


    Gulp- I got him just a smidgeon too late to catch him snarfing up a poor hapless fishy...


    Please, get my better side......


    Here's a spotted moray posing nicely...


    And that is all my allotted pictures for this post, stay tuned for more.....

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    I have a few more for ya. Hang on!

    Here's a stoplight parrotfish. I love her eyeliner job. I actually once met a couple of gals who did their eyes like this. Actually, I was in on the arrest of one of them. She was holed up in a local Motel 6 and was an, ahem, entertainer. She sure left the lights on for ya. But it should have been a red one. She got popped for selling her favors....


    I love the small stuff. Here is a cluster of Christmas tree worms on an outcropping of coral.


    Is Wes Pederson still on the board anymore? If so, he'll be glad to know his Pederson cleaner shrimp are still on the job...


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    Thanks so much for the report and photos. Making me so jealous!

    Neptune Nick

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    Thanks NN. Hopefully more to come tonight!

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    Very nice pictures.
    Thank you for the report

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    Good read, DS. Anything more??

    Dave & Leslie.

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    I agree with Dave and Leslie!

    The coworkers have convicted and punished you for speaking about taking the kid's (yellow) Soul on Easter!! Unjustly, in my view. I need to tell that one to my dive buddy and retired state patrol officer friend as he tells similar stories from an onthejob point of view....

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