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Thread: Two Thumps and Two doors…… Days 1 & 2

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    Default Two Thumps and Two doors…… Days 1 & 2

    “Splash me, “I said.

    Leslie (Double L) looked at me. She said “What?”

    “Splash me,” I said again.

    That was the first time I had used that phrase with her. We were sitting in lounge chairs on the concrete boardwalk at the Sanddollar condominiums watching the sunset. The huge orange ball had not yet slipped below the horizon, but we didn’t care. We could sit here all night. To us, it was just fine if it took forever.

    Lying between us on the concrete floor was a pitcher of rum punch. I had slaved over a blender to make it just for this occasion. I planned on doing that for the next 13 sunsets. It had become a tradition with Double L and me to take in the sunset with some form of alcoholic elixir. It was a tradition we took very seriously. A tradition we tried dearly to uphold.

    Sitting beside the pitcher of rum punch was a bucket of ice. Les was sitting sideways on her lounger about to refill her glass with ice and rum punch when she had asked if I wanted a refill.

    Of course I did and that’s when I said “Splash me.”

    Billy Bob Thornton had used the phrase on the Amazon Prime hit series Goliath. When a bartender had asked him if he wanted a refill, he responded “Splash me.” Les watched the series with me, so she should know what the phrase meant.

    “So, you want a refill?” She asked.

    I smiled. That’s my girl! “Yes, splash me.”

    Double L leaned over, filled my glass with ice, and then topped it off with rum punch. How could I have ever gotten so lucky? We clinked our glasses, then settled back and took in a glorious sunset.

    Our arrival on Bonaire yesterday was signaled by a thump thump at Flamingo International Airport as the Boeing 757 – known in the Delta scheduling system as Flight 380 -- touched down, leaving a bit of scorched rubber on the concrete runway as its own personal arrival signature.
    The ground crew rolled two sets of stairs to the plane, one in the front and one in the back, the doors were opened, and the magnificent Bonaire breeze flooded the plane. The stale winter air of North America was expelled, and regardless of the trials, tribulations, and tortures of a four hour flight, all the passengers seemed to be wearing smiles. It was like Ralphie on Christmas morning: All was right with the world.

    We breezed through a dive orientation at Dive Friends. It really doesn’t get any easier than how they do it. Easy peasy doesn’t do it justice. We’re sold on that organization.

    We dove Bari Reef twice – once south and once north. Great dives. It was good to get back in the swing of things. I had the temperature pegged at 78-80 degrees, and visibility is the standard 60-80 feet. Fish live galore. Big sightings for us today were an octopus, tarpon, three crinoids, cubera snapper, and way too many other divers.

    Tomorrow we plan to do Margate Bay, Torrie’s Reef, and probably Barri Reef again.

    As I write this, I’m munching on the last piece of a sausage pizza from Pasa Bon Pizza. We ordered at the bar, and while our food cooked, we sipped Brights and chatted with Joe. The place was busy, but everything worked out. Can’t beat a good pizza after diving. Just ask my brother Tim.

    Well, Double L just handed me a Bright and asked if I’d like some Gouda cheese and crackers. I answered that I did, but I have no earthly idea how I’ll manage to eat anything additional.

    But then I thought, what does that matter?

    Bring it on!

    Dive on Friends.

    Dave & Leslie.

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    Ohhh Yeah, reads like a great start to the Tweeker Trip Dankeschön
    PRA & ET Inc
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    Wish I was a storyteller. Great start and can't wait for the next installment! Thanks Bunches!

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    Can't tell stories like you can, Dave, but we're having a similar experience, except we had Prisca's ice cream yesterday. Yum. Tried a new flavor - Mispel. Mispel is spelled correctly BTW, and tastes something like the Cuban Mamey we get in Miami.

    Oh, and where was the octopus? We missed that.

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