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    Hello Everyone
    We are wondering if anyone has used VRBO to rent their house on the island. We bought a house earlier this year and was interested in renting to help off set the cost and I am unsure about the best way to go about it. If VRBO is the best or is there other options out there other than word of mouth.
    Thanks for the help
    Dave B

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    We use VRBO because our place was already listed on it when we bought it and there weren't that many options at the time. At the time, the only option was the minimum $350/year listing fee but now they have a plan where you pay a commission on each rental instead of a yearly fee. This is in addition to the fee for booking through them, which is not optional on the commission plan, and the fee they charge the renter.

    There is little downside to listing on VRBO (which is part of the Homeaway group) using the commission plan. However, without any prior history or reviews you are not going to show up very high on their results so it may take a while to get any rentals.

    Tripadvisor is another option, also with a commission structure where you pay per rental. We find them very annoying to deal with. They are so careful about preventing you from giving any information to the renter that might allow you to have direct contact (so you can't book outside their site,protecting their payments) that it's hard to get renters all the information they need. This may be true with VRBO too but we're on the annual fee plan and can make direct contact so I don't know.

    Good luck.
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