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Thread: Bonaire Insider: "Getting the Shot - Eye on Ellen Muller"

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    Default Bonaire Insider: "Getting the Shot - Eye on Ellen Muller"

    Susan Davis and her online Bonaire Insider e-mailed newsletter just posted an excellent article on Ellen Muller ( The lead-in to the article states "Bonaire has a wealth of excellent nature photographers, both professional and amateur. This year, the Bonaire Insider will profile some of these amazing amateur photographers and showcase their work. Our first resident photographer is Ellen Muller." Thank you Susan for highlighting Ellen as the first of your articles on Bonaire's nature photographers. I look forward to your articles on others whenever they are published.

    While I would love to just repost the article, I don't know if that would violate BonaireTalk's Terms of Service or violate any copyright aspects of Susan's article. So I suggest that anyone who is interested just go to the above link and read the article and see some of Ellen's wonderful photos. And for anyone who has not already gone to Ellen's website to see more of her work, here is where to go:


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    Thanks, Mark, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Ellen does such fabulous work. I do have some additional photographers lined up for future editions, and I hope to run one story a month featuring the talent of our resident amateur (as in non-professional) photographers. We have such a diversity of nature coverage by our photographers, that each and every edition will be special!

    Those would like to sign up for the free Bonaire Insider emails which Mark talked about, can do so here:


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    The are not just photos but a work of art!

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