We have been going to Bonaire for MANY YEARS and always used Poppy at Telerin. All paperwork and payment is done before you get to Bonaire. When you arrive, they are outside airport with sign. All you do is sign paperwork and truck is there.....and off you go. When you leave you just leave truck in short term parking, leave key in ashtray and your done. Always get full insurance....just in case.
The easiest rental on Bonaire.
We have stayed at Divi our first few years and tried Their rental company on property.
I think it’s Hertz ....but what a pain in the A**. It takes forever for them to give you truck.
A island time inspection before and even worse after.
Whatever you chose to use....always get their insurance if your planning on using it to snorkel or dive.
It’s not worth the extra aggravation ....just in case there is damage.
Good Luck in your journey....
Enjoy your trip....��