This my go to dry rub for beef and pork.
For poultry I add an equal amount of Tones lemon pepper (1/2 rub and 1/2 lemon pepper)
This makes a lot; for a smaller batch cut the recipe by 8.
The smoke ring link has lots of dry rubsGranddad'sGeneral-Purpose Dry Rub

AmountMeasureIngredient --Preparation Method
1 cup & 4 tablespoonsdark brownsugar
3 tablespoons & 1 teaspoondried sweet basil
1-teaspoonground cumin
2-tablespoonground coriander
2-tablespoonground savory
2 tablespoondried thyme
2-tablespoonblack pepper
2-tablespoonwhite pepper
1/3 cupdry mustard
1/3-cuponion powder
1/3-cupgarlic powder

Mixall ingredients thoroughly and store in a tightly sealed jar in a cool darkplace.