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Thread: Missing noise laws or enforcement?

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    Default Missing noise laws or enforcement?

    In this visit we are finding the island, at least where we are living at waterfront, extremely noisy. Esp with all the cars blasting heavy base music all times of the night.

    Sadly, not the paradise I was waiting for my retirement.

    Hopefully its Holiday sprit and will go away soon.


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    Hi Nick,

    It depends on what area of the island you're on. Were you staying downtown near the waterfront? On Friday and Saturday nights some people enjoy cruising their cars (and playing music) in that area. And yes, at the holidays, more parades, festivals and activities take place (and some fireworks go off in the lead up to New Year's Eve when the entire island sets off fireworks at midnight.)

    Outside of town it tends to be very quiet at night. If you're planning to retire here, check out areas north and south of town on your next visit. I think you'll find a big difference in living here and vacationing here. We live north of town and find it very quiet and peaceful.

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