So we made it back to the island after a 3 year break. We are so happy to be back here for two weeks.

First getting here via United Airlines was just the worst. We had to overnight in Houston on the way over. They told us in San Francisco that we would have to pick up our bags in Houston as they could not be checked all the way through. Then our flight was almost two hours late taking off. When we got to Houston we waited to pick up our bags and they never arrived. Then we find out they were checked all the way through. So we had nothing for the overnight stay in Houston and no clean clothes to change into. Also on the plane there was no entertainment system at all. No in flight moves, tv or anything for the 4 hour flight. They are changing over to a new system where you have to bring your own device to watch tv or movies but it was not on this plane. One less service that you are paying more for. Perfect

The next day we wake up and go to the airport to check in for our 8:30am flight only to see it cancelled on the board. OMG Supposedly they had a maintenance issue and they booked all the 8:30 passengers on the 1:00pm flight. So back to the hotel for 6 hours. At 1200 we go back to the airport and find the gate has now changed several times. With the flight change and gate changes we are now very worried about our bags and dive gear making it to the island. Approx 20-25 people did not get seats on the flight and the Delta flight was also booked so I am not sure what happened to those poor folks. I guess their vacation was cancelled thanks to United Airlines. If that had been us I think I would have sat in the terminal and cried. It takes so much planning for us to go on a trip and leave our business, house, pets etc that to have the airline pull the rug out on us would be devastating.

The flight from Houston was to leave at 1:00pm but that was also about 2 hours late taking off so we did not get to Bonaire until approx 9pm. Our bags arrived which we thought was a miracle. Several other people on the flight were not so lucky and did not get their bags. I think next year we will have to pay more and take Delta. My husband says he will never fly United again.

We are staying at Den Laman which is very nice as always. Nice condo with a view right over the water.

We are amazed at all the changes on the island over the last 3 years. The new market Van Den Tweel is amazing with so much to offer. Very different shopping experience from 3 years ago. Lots of other new shops and stores.

We are diving at BDA as always. One nice change is the owner of BDA Andre has been much more visible this trip and much more friendly. I never remember ever having any interaction with him over the last 6 trips but this time he has been very approachable which is a nice change. We use BDA to simply get our tanks for shore diving. One change I am not happy with are all the locks everywhere. There is a lock on the gear room at 4pm as always but now there are locks to access the dock, the tanks, the empty tanks etc. So to go night diving you have to open a combo lock to get a key to the gear room, open that, get your gear and then close that up. Then you have to go to the dock open another combo lock to get another key to open the gate to the dock. Then to get your tank you have to open another combo lock to get yet another key to open the cage with the full tanks. When you come back from your dive you have to open another combo lock to get another key to open the empty tank cage. Then your have to repeat the process to get off the dock and back in the gear room. Simply a pain in the ass to go for a night dive and have to open 6 combo locks and get 6 different keys. Really not a good set up at all for the guests.

The wind was really blowing for the first few days but did not cause any problem for us diving. The wind died down today though. The diving has been great as always and very relaxing. Today while snorkeling on Bari Reef I found a scorpion fish in two feet of water where divers enter and exit from the beach area, I turned and swam over to my daughter to bring her back to show her and when I turned around a diver getting out was standing right where I saw the scorpion fish. I swam back over and alerted him to the issue. His foot was an inch from the fish. He had taken his fins off and almost stepped on it.

I will report more in the next few days with some photos.