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Thread: Important change in residency and visitation policies - US Passport holders ONLY

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    As a US resident (retired) my wife are I are looking seriously to moving on island. We would purchase a home and be on island most of the year (maybe away 1-2 months for holidays, etc). Is there a good source of information FAQs, lists of common answered questions, etc that we can refer to rather than posting/reposting what has already been asked here - sometime searches are good, other times - they are doubtful. I know that many of these items can change from year-to-year with changes in local laws, governments, etc. We are certainly most interested in local health care, the ability to work (part time), and taxes that may be incurred against our US earnings, income, etc. I am sure those are only a few of the major areas. Thanks for pointers and ideas of where to get some of the basic/current information. B&B

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    Hi Parrothead!

    I'm a US tax attorney living on Bonaire for over 7 years now and these are the issues I take care of for people in exactly your situation. While there are certain common issues, everyone's situation is unique, so I post certain general information on my website but it's better to look at your particular facts and address the issues that apply to you. PM or email me if you'd like to go over some basics. If it's OK with the moderators, this is my site: and the New Tax Developments section has some general info about Bonaire taxation of expats that I update from time to time.

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    Parrot Head:

    Most FAQ's about moving to Bonaire, Residency and working here are all covered somewhere in the threads in this section "Moving to Bonaire"
    - The residency process is still as covered in the "residency for US Pssprt holders thread"
    - If you are a resident, you get to may have to pay taxes on Bonaire AND you will have to pay taxes in the US. For tax all other tax questions, see Bruce Zavon (below)
    - If you are a resident, you can work here, you don't need a work permit or any other paperwork
    - If you are a resident, you can start your own business here
    - If you are a resident, your health care is free after your residency is approved AND you have your sedula AND you register with the health insurance office.
    Bob Bartikoski
    Owner RE/MAX Paradise Homes

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