I want to keep everyone aware of the crime issues facing tourists coming to our favorite dive destination. We were burgaled(?) a few weeks ago in Belnam at a rental home. We use motion detectors, yet they were not triggered. High tech security windows were penetrated. The bad people came in when we went to dinner. We even left the TV on. Draw your own conclusion.

Police responded promptly and gave us anecdotal stories about other recent incidents in the neighborhood. In telling the tale to others I was amazed at the number of recent burglaries (2014) and "petty" crimes that have occurred. Many with first hand experiences, both visitors and business owners.

An upswing in the crime rate? Or just my involvement led to my increased knowledge? I couldn't tell, so once I got access to BT again I went looking and couldn't find any recent mention, hence my post to keep everyone aware. Bonaire is not heaven where everything is perfect, just paradise where the snake lurks. It's easy to succumb to the feeling of being in heaven!

A tip gleaned from discussions was to keep the window drapes open, the lights on, the closets open and the safe open, showing the would-be "visitors" that there's nothing to take. This in addition to the normal precautions, leave nothing valuable in plain site.

The police also suggested to make sure that the groundskeeper that might show up is legitimate. This technique had been used to case rental units while the renters are there and are using their toys!

While the thieves might have taken our laptops, etc, we didn't let them take Bonaire. We'll be back. Where we'll stay next time will be impacted by this though.


PS, we also got to experience the medical services on the island (not related to the burglary) and can report that the issue was taken care of promptly and professionally.