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Thread: Returned home from a First Bonaire dive trip!!

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    Smile Returned home from a First Bonaire dive trip!!

    I spend 7 months a year in Aruba and I run a snorkel business there and we dive in-between for fun. I was in Bonaire 2006 and 2009 but only as a snorkeler. Since my youngest daughter comes to Aruba 6 months a year to help us with the snorkeling, I got her certified last summer in Aruba because she was there for a month. This past winter, she came down for 3.5 months. She turned 21 on March 5 and I turned the BIG 50 on March 10th so I planned a dive trip to Cur for 10 days and 6 days to Bonaire. We really had a blast and we have booked another 9 days for the end of June and another 9 days in March 2015. The best deal is the airfare. When u r already in Aruba, its a piece of cake to fly 15 minutes to Cur and then 15 min to Bonaire. We got 3 dives in the first day when we flew to Cur.

    I stayed at the Divi the first 2 times with my wife and only a snorkeler. This time we just needed a place to lay our heads at night so I went online and booked the cheapest place I could find with 2 beds. It was The Lodge across the street from the Divi. Also the VIP dive shop is right beside there. I was informed at midnight when we flew in that they were over booked at the Lodge so we had to go to the Yacht Club apts, which is the same owner. I was not very happy because we had friends at the Divi. They did upgrade us to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath so it really worked out well for the 2 of us. We did book the same unit for June. Its across the street from Something Special and close to Bari Reef. Also vey close to Buddy Dive and Capt. Dons. We did early morning dives and night dives so we were doing 4 to 5 dives a day. That's all we wanted to do. We were in Cur the 10 after Bonaire and on Cur. we got 20 to 50 lionfish per dive. I have a buddy there so he knows all the great spots. As far as Bonaire, here are the dives we did. Loved them all but we r already researching more different dives for in June. The only dive we did up north was Tolo but we will do a lot more of them in June. We also did Buddies several times and also Something special and Bari several times. Then to the south was AW,Angel City,Hilma Hooker,Invisibles, and a few others down that way. We really enjoyed the dives and now are making a list of all the other great dives that are there. Will probably rent a guide to do some on the East side and may go to Klein Bonaire a day or 2. I really want to make sure this will not be a mistake because we really enjoyed the shore dives that we did. We r really good friends with Dee and Ulf ftom the Woodwind so we sailed on their boat twice and just snorkeled so that cut off some dive time.

    As far as meals, we at Breakfast at subway, a few times at the Divi and at home a few times. Always packed our lunch and then did Chez Madeleine. This place was at our place where we stayed and they only have 7 tables per night so u have to have a res. Its a top notch place so its very nice. The Lamb and Tuna is great!!! We also ate at Passa Bon, Wils, and Suzanas. All were fantastic. We rented a truck thru Avis. Hopefully we can make a list from now till June so we can start where we left off. Any advice on anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Aruba Bob
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    thank you for the report. mona lisa is another great place to eat. i love diving something special because u never know what u will see. u are so lucky u live so close

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