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Thread: Just booked United out of Newark

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    Default Just booked United out of Newark

    I love the fact that United now competes with Delta on the Saturday flight. We have always flown Delta which has been good for the past five years. One of the things I think is important is United gets to Bonaire 30 minutes before and leaves 30 minutes before the Delta flight. It is important to us because we always race to get our orientation dive in once we arrive on Saturday afternoon before Dive Friends Hamlet Oasis closes. With the extra crowd caused by United arriving just before Delta we wouldn't likely have been able to do that this year if we had flown Delta. I can only imagine the "island time" issues at the baggage claim and the rental cars. I also love the fact that the 1st class tickets were $300 less per ticket. This will be our 6th trip and 8th and 9th weeks. 142 days and counting.

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    I am also on the mid-day United flight, but fortunately this weekend it arrives/departs on Sunday. I can't imagine how crowded Flamingo airport will be with both United & Delta arriving/departing within 1/2 hour of each other.
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