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Thread: Small Wall Dive Site (by shore)

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    Default OOPS, I did mean to say "Small Wall" instead of the cliff

    The Cliff is a shore dive, nice too.

    Quote Originally Posted by wwguy View Post
    I think you may be confusing The Cliff and Small Wall dive sites, which are about 1/2 mile apart and separated by the WEB water plant. Small Wall is near Casa Del Mar and has a small cliff-like wall such as you described, where nurse sharks have been seen frequently over the years. I've stayed 10 weeks at property right in front of The Cliff and done dozens of dives there. I've never seen or heard of anyone else seeing a nurse shark there.

    You've described the entry for the unmarked shore dive site known locally as Petri's Pillar. Small Wall is about 1/5th mile south. I can usually reach it near the 30 minute mark when entering here, but by then I'm starting to work my way back to a shallower depth for the 2nd half of the dive.

    Below is an image that shows the relationship of these site. You can see them in more detail, including The Cliff dive site, at this Wikimapia link.

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    Default Pictures of small beach area @ Casa del Mar

    Here are a few pics from 2013 trip:
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    I looked at a dive chart for Bonaire and it says small wall is boat and or shore dive and skill level is novice. Hope this helps.

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    We dived Small Wall years ago when Jake Richter and his family lived at the house with the red roof across the road from the one labelled 'Diver's Paradise' on the Wikimapia link. (I miss you Jake, RIP) It was a great little dive, with the little cavern, though we did not see the then resident black brotula. At that point, there was an underwater cam in the 20 ft shallows, and we did the obligatory hover in front of it for the two minutes that a capture could have taken place in.

    Good times, and if you can access at Petrie's Pillar, then by all means just swim south to the site.

    I miss Dushi Bonaire.

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