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Thread: Bonaire Residency - The process and forms explained

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olga View Post
    My questions are:
    1) Which form i need to fill in and apply to IND being on island? MBES-03 or MBES-01? I'm Russian with Schengen area long term visa D. Which allows me to spend 3 months on Bonaire each 180 days.
    2) What is the best way to schedule an appointment to IND being outside the island ? Phone? E-mail ? Web-form on site? Attorney who will go there directly and will do it for me before my actual arrival this March ?
    My answers to my questions:
    1) MBES-03 with MBES-22
    2) Not required, personal visit according to IND schedule

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    Default Updated Info Sheets from Bonaire Help Desk

    Here are recently updated Info Sheets from Bonaire Help Desk (
    These are downloadable PDF files, and they have links to the relevant government websites and forms.

    Residency Basics for Dutch and US citizens
    Obtaining a Good Conduct Report US PERSONS ONLY (called a VOG in Bonaire; called a Identity History Summary Check by the FBI)
    Residency Basics for EU and Canadian citizens (and certain other countries)

    These Bonaire Help Desk Info Sheets do not apply to people from countries for whom the MVV is required.
    Here's a link to the newly updated RCN IND website for more detailed (and official) information.

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