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Thread: Truck Insurance Summary and Amex Premium Coverage

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    I used to use the Amex insurance all the time and it worked well a couple of times I dinged up the rental vehicle and I had to pay some for the damage. I stopped doing this and starting paying the rental company insurance, which I agree is more than excessive, when it became my understanding the AMEX insurance would not cover damage to another vehicle or medical for the individuals in the other vehicle given said damage and injury was my fault? Am I incorrect on this? Does the AMEX insurance cover these incidents?

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    Disclaimer: I'm Just Another Tourist. My comments are based on my own research, observations, and discussions with a few rental companies. Don't interpret this as fact without verifying with your respective insurance providers.

    Neither Amex insurance nor the rental company's CDW policy cover damage or injury to 3rd parties. These policies only cover damage to the rental vehicle. The Amex Insurance offers some additional medical and AD&D coverage that the CDW does not.

    To summarize the information previously provided in this and other threads:

    Liability insurance
    for damage and/or injury to 3rd parties is covered via liability policy purchased by the rental company prior to your individual rental period. This mandatory coverage is required by law as a condition of the rental vehicle being in service. There's no incremental charge to you for this coverage, other than that the cost is part of the rental fee structure. Neither you nor the rental company are permitted to waive this coverage.

    Collision & damage insurance protects the rental vehicle itself in event of theft, accident, or other damage. In order to protect their assets the rental companies require you to purchase this coverage, at your own incremental expense, during the rental period. Some rental companies don't want the hassle of dealing with 3rd-party insurance companies from off-island (e.g. American Express) and require you to purchase CDW insurance through their negotiated provider. Others companies, such as Telerin and Budget, will accept collision damage policy from American Express Premium Car Rental Protection.

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