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Thread: 43 days to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayandpam View Post
    Corybaby, 75fsw? why so deep man, only thing down there's big lionfish.
    Divejunkies, 14 days till on island, I hate you man! or men and their better halves?
    Stretch, 4 weeks!!! Obviously retired and no kids or pets.
    We're going for about our 8th time, 2nd year in a row for 2 weeks. The difference between 1 and 2 weeks is amazing, will never go for just one week again, just ask Stretch.

    75 on the way out and around 40 back.....dont want to miss anyone!

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    We will be there over Christmas too. The water temp does vary, but topside as a woman, I like something to cover my shoulders at night.
    Underwater I agree, it can get chilly in December for all of us warm water divers, i have never worn more than a 3mm, but I have under garmets
    LOL,, not those kind, but an extra dive skin !!

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