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Thread: Prepaying for the dive resort packages

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    Default Prepaying for the dive resort packages


    I'm travelling to Bonaire with my older brother from Sept. 14-21. He told me to go ahead and book everything which I did through SandDollar which includes room, rental truck and unlimited shore dives. SandDollar told me I would need to pay in advance which I did through credit card. Now my brother is telling me he doesn't know why we have to pay in advance? He has traveled all over the world and says he never pays full in advance because what happens if you have a problem.

    Is it standard practice to pay in advance in Bonaire? Has anyone ever had issues because of this policy? I didn't book boat dives because the policy says you lose them if you don't use them.

    Thank you very much!

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    You need to pay your lodging in advance in most cases, yes.
    You can do a white lie and say you're not diving and then "change your mind" once you're on Bonaire.
    I don't think there's any big price difference.
    I usually pay for shore diving ahead of time and if I decide to do any boat dives, put those on my tab at the resort once I'm there...
    Tom Schamp

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    Default It depends...

    I have a deposit on my reservations ($125/week) and (obviously) prepay my plane ticket. Diving and remainder of lodging are paid at check out. Diving is paid at check out (you get charged the lesser of a-la-carte or package). I provide a credit card upon arrival for the truck (not sure when they charge it --might be when I pick up or could be when I return the truck).

    Every place has their own rules and pre-paying lodging is pretty common.

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