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Thread: Travelers checks

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    I generally carry several thousand dollars in cash, it's more convenient. I leave much of it in the safe in the room, reloading as needed.

    It's a bit less important today with everyone accepting plastic, 40 years ago it was almost a necessity to carry a lot of cash. Really, how many times have you been robbed in Bonaire? Any potential robber would not know if you had $2 with you or $20,000 with you.

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    Like wwguy posted earlier I have a Capital One CC with no transaction fees and market (or very close) exchange rate. I also keep an online checking account with them with an ATM card. I only use it for travel and populate it with just a bit more than I think I'll need for a trip, so if my card gets skimmed I don't get hammered. They also refund any ATM fees accrued up to (I think) about $30/month. I set this up years ago when traveling in Europe on business and have hung on to it for dive travel. It works really well. I'm sure there are other providers that have a similar product. When traveling with the ATM card I stick to bank ATMs, preferably inside ones. YMMV.

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