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Thread: Slow Death of Bonaire Kids Programs - Is Aqua Kids Defunct?

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    Agree that Buddy Rangers is great. They certainly saved the day for us, and my son had a fabulous time. They let him dive using a tank down to 12 feet or so; he thought he was so cool. Took him to the breakfast buffet every day, too, so he was well fed!!

    We would do Buddy again in a heartbeat.

    Have heard scuttlebutt that The Plaza is in bad shape financially. Would love to see it spruced up and taken care of; it's in a nice spot....

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    Shame. My 3 kids are all Almni of Aqua Kids. My last trip in April '11, we still had our youngest (then 11) with us. We arranged in advance and were surprised, he was the only child there that week. It was during Easter break too! We lucked out and son had 1 on 1 attention while we did our AM dives. They even did a discover Scuba for him. We tipped well as he was well taken care of.

    Sorry to hear going away

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