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Thread: concerns

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    I could not read the article but still, very sad for the family.

    On the other hand, if it's my time, I hope I could be so lucky to go in such a beautiful place...

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    Google Translator says....
    "Kralendijk - Sunday March 3, at around 14.35 pm, the police headquarters received notification about a drowning what would have occurred in the vicinity of Klein Bonaire. Upon arrival, the officers found the victim, a man named WG Helmus, born in 1934 in USA, lifeless on the waterfront of Klein Bonaire.

    From preliminary studies that the local police conducted has shown that the victim with his wife and a friend were going snorkeling near Klein Bonaire and that the victim probably in trouble hit. With the help of divers who were in the vicinity, it was possible to see the lifeless body on the side to bring. The staff of Stinapa the body of the victim taken to the pier Chicu Mercelina and to the staff of the forensic transferred. Around 15.30 hours by the police doctor found dead."

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