We were counting down for months... we're all set to leave TOMORROW night at 7:30!! and now.. We were just informed by the owners of our rental (in Hamlet) that construction to install the new sewer line will begin on Monday on the road in front of their place. According to them, it will be loud and dusty and will last from 8-5 M-F. They've offered us a full refund and offered to help us find other accommodations, but I'm lost. I spent weeks... months.. planning our first trip to Bonaire and I wanted it to be perfect. My husband works doing street construction here in the US and the last thing he wants to see and hear all day long is the construction there. Where should we stay? What is far enough away from Hamlet (which is Captain Don's from what I've been told) to not be impacted?

Where should we stay?? What should we do?? HELP!!!

Thank you!!!!