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    Well I guess some people will never get tired of us for example...looked more forward to trip 13 than trip one..once again did the Delta out of Atlanta, but did have to stay friday night and again saturday on the return due to connection long as it fits the budget, that is the only way to go in our opinion..I do however, really dislike the new Iinternational terminal..really wanted to ask why Bonaire isn't considered and international destination and we had to pay for checked bags, if we had to use the new somewhat of a problem when returning if you reclaim your bags in a 5 mile walk with heavy carry ons...oh and by the way, when you exit you have to get on a shuttle to go to the domestic terminal to get on another shuttle to the hotel...also wasn't any luggage storage, that we could find, in the int terminal...mere minor inconveniences by the way..plane left 45 minutes late, but still made it to Bonaire on schedule...went through customs and got our luggage in less than 30 we're on vacation...stayed again at Belmar..our experiences have been with Cpt. Don's, Sand Dollar (before and after) and Buddy' is our take, if we were taking a group, or some new divers, we probably would stay at Buddy's, to let the get thoroughly submerged in the dive hype ( and I mean that in a great way ) with the busy dock and buffet breakfast, but for us, there is no better place than Belmar..was only a few other guest there for this week, and it was almost like having the resort to ourselves....on the diving side, we only did 16 dives, getting old and was out of shape due to Cindy's back surgery in December and me tearing my acl in April, put a dent in our exercise routine, so we did temper our dives accordingly..good news on diving, if we left out 2 sites, we saw less lion fish than in nov, 2010...the other two sites, Candy land and Larry's Lair, were wrapped up..saw at least 10 on each site...more good news on diving, seemed at thought the eels are making a strong come back...even saw a many tooth conger eel on a night dive...did see a 6ft plus greenie at Candy Land, was the largest green that we have seen in Bonaire...visibility was only fair, but the weather was great..mosquitos were bad, but not nearly as bad as the last trip in was pretty much the usual...pasa bon...bobbie jans...tried to get bbq from the truck, but didn't have a pleasant experience there, so will leave it at cafe and of course Donna and Giorgios..did like the new van der tweel or what ever, but did by most items from warehouse as we went there first out of habit...van der did have a piece of hard plastic laying on the floor, so everybody got to see an old guy do a five minute skating act before he busted the proverbial bottom right in front of one of the mangers...was afraid of the knee, but nothing really hurt but pride...enjoyed late night drinks or cappucino at Karel's beach bar 2 or 3 nights and observed several jellies in the lights there..don't have a clue as to what kind they are, no experience there, but they were probably about the size of a beer, sorry, coke can....overall, a great trip..Belmar great..service there great...pasa bon great....diving great....atlanta airport...well?

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    Thanks for posting. Glad you had a enjoyable trip.

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    Wow! That's a whirlwind of a report (haven't even attempted mine yet)! Glad you weren't hurt at Van Den Tweels; we did like shopping there for some different items. Husband particularly liked "Party Sticks" (pickle spears), funny name. We also saw alot of green eels; more than in the past few years. The new international terminal had just opened the week we returned and it was total chaos; hopefully, it'll get better with time. Thanks for taking the time to write a report; you may see mine by December
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