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Thread: Just back: June 9-June 16

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    Default Just back: June 9-June 16

    Iíve really been a long time lurker so I thought it was time to contribute.

    The wife and I took our yearly trip to Bonaire last week. This is a short review.

    Transportation-This was our 10 year anniversary so we decided to go all out with a two week trip in the ABC islands. The first week was in Aruba. We live in Houston so we have it good. The United flight to Aruba was uneventful. We took a twin engine 15-seater airplane from Aruba to Curacao on Insel. We paid the $2 tax and waited 45 minutes in Curacao then jumped on the same 15-seater airplane from Curacao to Bonaire. I enjoy the small prop planes, but Iím a private pilot so Iím used to them. No problems in baggage claim with only 15 people!

    The return trip was fairly uneventful. I donít really know the rationale for the early flights into and out of Bonaire. On the one hand, you donít have to wait around in the sun for check-in. On the other hand, it is just a pain in the rear. Also, I really donít think the airport can handle both Houston and Newark departing at the same time. That is a lot of folks who are ready to go home. I think we departed 30 minutes late. Iím sure the Newark flight was an hour or more delayed. Iím just glad I live in Houston so when the plane lands, Iím at home. Iíd hate to have to continue my commute.

    Accommodations-We are owners at Divi Flamingo. I understand this isnít everyoneís cup of tea, but we like it. Not luxury, but the Divi Dive is a top notch operation. Since we didnít get to the hotel until noon, no waiting for a room! However, we did miss the orientation session. No problems though. Alvin did a ďspecialĒ briefing for us at 2pm.

    Diving-We did some diving in Aruba so we were a little tired on the diving. (It isnít comparable to Bonaire.) I think we only fit in 14 or 15 dives on Bonaire this trip. The theme of this trip was sea turtles. We seen a ton of sea turtles. I didnít notice a lot of lionfish except at one location. There were 4 nice size lionfish under one reef cluster. The lionfish we did see were good sized. The favorite dive this trip was Toriís Reef. That is a beautiful reef. We also tried some ďwild sideĒ diving with East Coast Diving. The visibility wasnít the best. At one dive site, we probably seen 10 to 15 sea turtles. Huge sea turtles! Would I dive the east coast again? Iím not going to say never, but I have no desire to dive it anytime soon. I think everyone should do it at least once. I wasnít thrilled with the dive operator. They were okay. If I did it again, Iíd probably go with someone else.

    Food-Iím a food hound so I will spend a little extra time here.

    Bobby Jaens-Awesome food with a great value. We really like the chicken satey. I think they put cocaine or something in the peanut sauce. It is great.

    Unbelievables-They were closed last year so we had to hit them up early in the trip. Awesome view, service, and food.

    City Cafť-Yes, Iím from Texas but I really like their fajitas. This is good food for a good value.

    Donna and Gregorios-This was a new addition to our food establishments. I wasnít aware of their limited menu. If you have a picky eater, I suggest looking this over first. I liked my dish. The wife didnít like hers.

    Pasa Bon Pizza-Awesome pizza. We really like this place. We normally get two medium pizzas with enough left over for lunch the next day. The dude that runs the place is a hoot. He is a little rough around the edges.

    Paradise Moon-This was another new addition to our rotation. The service and food was amazing.

    Rum Runners-Another new addition. The food was awesome, but I thought the service was really lacking. It really wasnít that busy.

    Gioís Gelato-Awesome and a cheap desert after dinner.

    Van Den Tweel Supermarket-I really believe this is an excellent addition to Bonaire. The wife seems to think it is more expensive than Warehouse, but I think the selection is much, much better.



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    Thanks, Billy -- good report. We're off for our 16th trip in February, and you just added substantially to our anticipation factor!

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    Thanks for your comments on various restaurants. We enjoy trying a few new places on each trip.

    Regards...Patsy ><((((o>

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    Thanks for your report. Enjoy reading about other's visits.

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    Thanks for the report. My wife and I are heading down July 7th............

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