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Thread: May Day!

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    Welcome home Debs Hi RosAnne

    darn it, allergies again, don't know how I missed that "Cool" vid before Cecil!! musta scrolled to quick.

    Here's another inspiring video I just watched via a link on G+

    PRA & ET Inc
    Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers

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    Sorry - haven't been around for some time. I started a new contract with a new customer and have been VERY busy.

    Anywho, the thread title reminded me of my Father in-law. His favorite saying on this day was "Hooray, hooray, the first of May. Outside Love making (not his words but appropriate here) starts today!!!

    RIP Dick. Sue and I still laugh every May 1.

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    Good evening everyone......

    some of us old timers remember a poster that just reregistered after a long time.....

    WELCOME BACK Gail Currie how you been???

    When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

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    I remember Gail, Hi Gail and welcome back Tom.
    And Jerry said, Keep it light, Keep it friendly. Post Like Jerry.

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    Welcome Back Tom and Gail!!!
    so...I love living in California and especially the area I live in now, Silicon Valley but life is a little different here, let me give you an example. My daughter is in High School and having Spirit Week (you probably remember, we had it when I was in school, Monday was Patriotic day, Tuesday Crazy Hair day, etc...) well here is her schedule: Monday~Neon Day, Tuesday~Mathletes vs. Athletes, Wednesday~CEO's vs.Bro's (Bro's is a Cali thing) Thursday~classic rock vs. dub step, Friday~Surfers vs. snowboarders. The idea is to dress as one or the just cracks me up!
    Hope everyone had a great day!

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