We were on Bonaire from April 7 to April 21. Met twice with Elaine at the Divi for cocktails, but no one else showed up for a Bonaire Talk meet-and-greet. Nice sunsets both times and we enjoyed Elaine's stories
since she has been going to Bonaire since the late 1980s. We have been going to Bonaire for 15 years.

Had a great meal at Paradise Moon. Excellent food, excellent service. We also had two meals at the restaurant at the Yachtclub Apartments. Wonderful tapas and also great service. Cash only and they are open evenings only, Wednesday to Sunday.

Did a Woodwind trip, as usual. It was wonderful and got a DVD to remember everything we saw. Lots of turtles and the water was pretty clear. A little cold for some of us. A couple of kids (young teens) were so excited when they got in the water at the first stop. So much to see. And, they were even diving down short distances by the end of the trip. Natural freedivers!!

We stopped by to see Michael Gaynor and deliver some books. Someday his new store should be put together. He is hoping to setup a lending library at the store. Bring-one-take-one books and he wants to sell some books (cheap) and donate the income to various charities on the island. Stop by and say Hi.

Marvin dove (freediving) on the rope several times with Leo from BonPhoto. He did 85'. He was on cloud 9 when he came back to the apartment. Departing Bonaire, we left our dive weights at BonPhoto, so I guess we'll have to go back.

We stayed at Yachtclub Apartments again. We had an attempted break-in WHILE WE WERE IN THE APARTMENT! But Marvin scared them off with the BIG knife from the kitchen. The police did come promptly and found the padlock the guys had twisted off the gate covering the sliding glass door. The owners of the Yachtclub Apartments are now on island and managing the apartments and other properties they own on the island. The Yachtclub Apartments have been painted with somewhat lighter colors than before, and they have plans to replace some of the furnishings. There was always a group of Dutch in the upstairs apartment that seemed to continously come and go via KLM and several of the other apartments seem to be rented long-term, so there wasn't the chit-chat around the pool we enjoyed in previous years.

The traffic is terrible and they were digging up many roads to install sewer pipes. The roads that had been in poor shape for many years are still in poor shape. The roads that were semi-decent seem to be the ones they are digging up for the sewer line. And, they're only installing the main sewer line! The roads with have to be cut up again later to run the services lines to each house and business!

We shopped at Top (in the old Cultimara) and the new dutch supermarket: Van den Tweel. Both were well stocked. They both even had pretty good produce.

United had some issues on the flight down and the flight back to Houston. I think we were about 1 hour late each flight. The Bonaire check-in was a bit better than with Continental, but the boarding was chaos. And, they ran out of room in overhead bins. Luckily our fins made it into an overhead bin and our other carry-on fits under the seat.

It was a good trip - Bea and Marvin