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Thread: best way to get home from bonaire?

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    Default best way to get home from bonaire?

    We usually travel award tickets each year Feb-Mar rt to Bon from GRR, this year we can get down OK, but going back it takes 35K miles and lousy connections(BON-IAH-Newark-Cleveland-chicago-GRR) Do their flights open up later or....we can use AA miles out of CUR at 845AM in March. Are any local airlines able to make that connection without overnite stay in Cur? Thanks in advance ruth!

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    Check Insel Airlines for flights from Cur to Bonaire. We also live in Illinois and have been flying Air Tran from midway to Aruba then
    using local airlines, Insel, DAE and Tiarra Air from Aruba to Bonaire. Good Luck !!

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