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Thread: US passport and the "six month" rule

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    We recently returned to Bonaire and back with one month on our passports. I wouldn't chance it though. We were lucky that both in Atlanta and Bonaire they just reminded us that our passports were expiring in April. So upon our return to the States we did send for new ones. Customs were great and again just reminded us that the passports were due to expire. Just don't chance it. You may get some grumpy ole power entitled individual along the way that will cause you some delay. Not worth that hassle.

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    Found this thread today and my heart stopped. I leave San Antonio for ATL TOMMORW and ATL to BON saturday morning and my passport expires 17 Sep 12....
    I did some reseach and found the two links
    This one from the US Seems like 90 day rule applies.
    Then I checked the Neatherland Immigration and Naturlisation Service site and also noted 90 day rule States&duur=2&lang=en

    We are flying on Delta so I'm realy worried. I've printed off both pages and will have them handy at check-in. There is no way I can renew my passport before tommorow so I'm realy worried this is going to be a hassle. Good news is my wife and daughters passports were just issued this year so I'm the only one in question. Wish me luck, I've been looking forward to this vacation for a long time!!!

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    Frankie, you really should be ok. Have a wonderful time. So jealous!

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    I am happy to report, from Bonaire, no one batted an eye at the expiration date on my passport.::

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