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    Default Sunday Chat

    Good morning all. Well the Richter move went off without to many wounds. My job for most of the day was to keep Jake and the kitty entertained, Jake was easier than the kitty, she was hard to please.
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    Good Morning Cecil, What a wonderful job to have! Hugs to all of you who were able to help the Richters relocate. I see from FB that it was a successful move and some members of the moving committee were "housed" better than others . Looks like everyone had a good time, helping such a wonderful family to move onto a new step in recovery. To NED for Jake!
    Blow bubbles, and be at peace.

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    Guten Tag Y'all

    Cecil, Great to hear of the good OL' BT Family spirit helping out with Jake's move.

    as promised yesterday here's links to some of the album categories from the Photo Scavenger Hunt I particpated in last month

    Album 1 - Purple

    Album 4 - Night Lights

    Album 8 - Drinks on Fire

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    Cool Peeking in

    Been keeping super busy here on the East End of Long Island. Never seem to have much free time to get on the computer when I'm at home and work is becoming busy as well, so while I am on the computer, I'm not on the internet much.

    We just about have our old bedroom cleared out and I'm hoping to get started painting before this weekend! Mom Dodge picked out a new carpet and that should be ready to go in within a week or so as it had to be ordered. Room must be painted first though!

    I made a flying trip to Charleston this week. Left Wednesday morning and got into Charleston at noon. Spent time doing family stuff for the next day and a half before getting up super early to fly home on a 6:45am flight home. Jared had gone down for the whole spring vacation week and we were able to fly home together. Short trip, but got lots done with my kids while I was down there! Times, they are a-changing!

    Donna...when is the shower? I haven't forgotten that I said I'd get some ideas to you...just been having my own issues to deal with

    Well, my sitting time is done for now...time to go start working on the room again!

    Hugs and misses glad the move for the Richter's went well. They have been in my thoughts a lot and I wish we'd been able to get up to help. So hard to fit in everything that needs doing!
    BarbieRuth, Ken's forever love ♥♥♥

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    Good day out today Holly got Best inshow and beat she Paddy in fancy dress, but he loved his shark costume - it was cold today.

    Brian Lowe

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