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Thread: Snorkeling Hawaii

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    Thank you.

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    Just in case another opinion helps, here's mine! We were in Maui last June and tried some snorkeling. We just didn't seem to have much luck, or else are too spoiled by Bonaire! We went to Honolua Bay, in the northwest which is supposed to be incredible. Our first try, the water was extremely murky because of mud run off. Our second time was better, but I would consider it okay snorkeling. We didn't see hardly any fish, but we did see LOTS of people (did I say LOTS??) So many you couldn't hardly snorkel for more than 10 seconds without someone coming into your path. We also went to a spot in the southern part, off Wailea Beach. It was incredibly rough water and was just too much work to enjoy! I also did not realize the water in Hawaii was (to me) pretty cold-I believe it was about 75. The other places we stopped at also had pretty rough water in Maui.

    My experience so far would be to enjoy Bonaire for underwater adventures, and Maui for above-water adventures! Maui's "Road to Hana" was incredibly beautiful, though. I would do that again!

    Whatever you do, just enjoy!!

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    I have been to Hawaii twice, once to Maui and once to the Big Island. I thought both were nice, but the Big Island was great. I also did a night snorkel for manta rays. Talk about crazy. Those things were upwards of 20 foot span and they were literally brushing up against you. We snorkeled captain cook's monument and in addition to the great coral and fish we got surrounded by 50 or so dolphins at one point. Really an amazing experience.

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