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Thread: Anybody else burnt by DAE?

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    Default Anybody else burnt by DAE?

    Well I shoulda listened, and shoulda figured we were in trouble when our flight Curacao to Bonaire went through Aruba where we sat in a hot plane way in the back for 30 minutes. Then when passengers started boarding the pilot said it was OPEN SEATING! Gee thanks, if we had known we would have moved up. So we arrived 2 hours late.
    But we had a fantastic 2 weeks!
    Then found out DAE was canceling our flight for the 15th. Went to the airport twice and to the DAE office in town. After being assured they would get us to Curacao in time for our American flight at 3:40pm each we were told on the 14th that we were rebooked on a 4pm flight Saturday. 4pm? Our flight out of Curacao was 3:40pm!
    Never heard a word from DAE about rescheduling so we decided to book on Contintental. Cost us $800 to get home.
    But other than that we had a great trip, many thanks to the guys at Dive Inn!

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    DAE apparently is going through an ownership change and has cancelled all Bonaire flights until the end of October. The Reporter has it being cancelled for 30 days starting October 11th.

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