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    We have got leather furnitures (couch, dinnerchairs). Is it smart to move them to Bonaire? Or wil they dry/demage in a few month because of the heat?

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    Hi Nicoole,

    Unless you plan to air-condition your entire home, including the rooms where these pieces are, which will cost you at least two arms and a leg, I think you will find leather furniture down here uncomfortably warm. I once had a leather office chair, and got rid of it after one month because it was so hot, even in airco.

    The dining room and living room furniture down here normally runs to the wicker, cane, or rattan type with fabric cushions; these are much more cool, and I think you will enjoy sitting on your furniture much more if you're not constantly sweating.

    Just my two cents.


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    couldn't agree with you more .. this is the tropics . it's HOT HOT Hot. leather or really anything non-fabric is very uncomfortable ..the expense of central air-co is prohibitive to most

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    Petri and Susan,

    Thanks, ik love straite answers. It will save us al lote of space in our container! And i have permission to shop!

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