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Thread: Regatta?

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    Default Regatta?

    Didn't realize the Regatta would be going on when we booked Oct 1-15.
    Will this affect shore diving around Kralendijk?
    How crowded is town this week, restaurants?
    I would imagine the "night life" would be later and noisier?
    Don't think it'll affect our first week, might even be fun.

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    Folivier, welcome to Bonaire Talk

    Regatta week is indeed very busy on the island. Doesn't really affect shore diving, but downtown is crowded day and night (impossible to find parking). I'd suggest reservations if you want to eat out in the evening. They have booths and such set up along the board walk with food wares, etc. during the day and night. Lots of folks come over from Curacao and Aruba.

    On one trip, I was there for Regatta....I'd never go back during that time again because it was a little too "crowded and noisy" for me. I like the island quiet and laid back (I know, it's moving farther and farther away from that, but still).

    Have a great trip and please make sure to post a trip report on your return!

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