SA good luck angling. You didn't say what species.. If Bonefish, the key is being able to spot 'em. They are very skittish and have the ability to blend in with the white sand bottoms they are found over. If you are unfamiliar, I suggest a guide. If different species, you can try over at the inlet across from the airport marked by the yellow hut (about 25 yards south of Port Bonaire condos). Please make sure no divers or snorkelers are in the area. As a personal matter (and also as a conservationist), I'm a big fan of catch & release using barbless hooks if you do not intent to eat what you catch.

**Roy** Just noticed your correction on an earlier post I made. Dolphin aka Dorado aka mahi mahi is all the same species of fish (depends where you live for local description). And in fact it is a beautiful looking fish. Obviously I was referring to the fish & not the mammal commonly referred to as the Bottlenose or Spinner's frequently found off of Bonaire's coast. I do suspect most folks know the difference, however admittedly I could be wrong on that.