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    Default Please register or re-register

    Dear Users,

    New amendment added November 5th 2012
    Due to the large amount of Spammers trying to register we have turned OFF automatic registration, all new accounts have to be added manually.

    To register then please email with your preferred Username and your date of birth (this will be set as hidden) for manual registration of your BT account

    Amendment added May 11th 2012 Due to the large amount of Spammers trying to register with accounts we have added this email to our ban list, if you do not have another email account you can use to register then please email for manual registration of your account

    Just a note added June 13,2011: Your user name will be your screen name. If it looks like a spammers name your information will be treated as checked out with spam filters, online spamfilters and googled. Please use your real first name as your user/screen name.

    Due to several glitches in the merge of BT1 to BT2, we ask you all to re-register and create new profiles..To do this please go to the link in the header of the front page or ideally read the FAQ section for lots of information about this new site and how it runs.. If you have a problem doing this please do not hesitate to ask for assistance by emailing us at .... You will see that the profiles have a really neat look to them and there are several options in which you may be interested within your personal profile..... Have fun

    Dear Users,

    Well as the majority of our regulars are now registered and due to a high number of spammers/spam bots we have turned the e-mail notification/confirmation/verification back on.

    It may take up to 24 hrs for this e-mail to arrive, if you do not respond to the e-mail you will get a reminder after 24 hrs then another reminder after 5 days

    If you are with Yahoo/AOL/Hotmail/gmail then their SPAM filters unfortunately may block these e-mails from VBulletin boards. If you do not receive your verification e-mail within 1 hour then please e-mail and we will manually move you to Registered Users so you can start posting.

    If anyone still hasn't received their verification e-mail from the last 3 days (6th to 9th May), we have just done a manual check and moved all Users Awaiting E-mail confirmation to Registered Users database, so please try to post, if you are still having difficulties posting then please

    Thank you for your patience

    Last edited by ModRoy; 11-05-2012 at 05:58 PM. Reason: from 5th Nov 2012 - only manual registration possible

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