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    BonnieC Lurker

    Default Last February was the first ti

    Last February was the first time we were on Bonaire for more than a week so I figured I had to get out of my usual pattern which was "bread-cheese-fruit-beer" then go out to dinner. We shopped, which was fun, and ate in about 2 dinners out of 3. I made garlic shrimp with frozen shrimp from Warehouse and we ate a lot of chicken, also frozen from Warehouse. We also ate a lot of salads with produce from More for Less and big avocadoes from the stand by the pier. By the end of 3 weeks I was running out of ideas.

    I'm guessing many BTers stay in places with kitchens. What do you cook?

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    Angie Ohlson Lurker

    Default I generally bring spices from

    I generally bring spices from home - but stir fry with Chicken/Pork/fresh veggies. Or a potatoe dish I make with peppers/garlic/olive oil(when potatoes are available. I make alot its great for left overs in the a.m. with breakfast.

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    Corney Ann Carter Lurker

    Default I make lots of salads. I usual

    I make lots of salads. I usually make them the day before so I don't have much to do at night.
    I make curried chicken, waldorf with pasta included to make it a main meal, and lots and lots of different kinds of beans salads. Also take turns cooking with friends that are on island at the same time.

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    Julia (Moderator) Lurker

    Default Very easy to make chilli and s

    Very easy to make chilli and spaghetti sauces. make double quantities and freeze half. Chilli is great after a night dive, especially if you just have to put it in the microwave. We eat it with pitta bread.
    Lemon chicken; put chicken pieces in a bowl with black pepper, the rind and juice of a lemon and olive oil. Leave for at least an hour or even overnight then grill Roast or BBQ.

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default KFC.


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    Nancy Klune Lurker

    Default On vacation I only make reserv

    On vacation I only make reservations.

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    *Skipper Tink* Lurker

    Default Nancy, I'm with

    Nancy, I'm with

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