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    Ann Phelan - Lurker

    Default I am a regular on [url="http:/

    I am a regular on and because simply I LOVE FOOD.

    I posted two questions I wish to toss out today:

    1. Where would you send Guy Fieri in New England for Diners Drive Ins and Dives and
    2. Where is the best donut in New England?

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    tom Lurker

    Default Best "Diners" in Vahmo

    Best "Diners" in Vahmont (IMO)
    While not a true "diner" P&H Truck Stop, Wells River, VT rocks. I make the ride over there just for their maple cream pie. Their cinnamon raisin bread is sinful
    Blue Benn in Bennington Vermont, great stop for breakfast try their asparagus and cheddah omelette...mmmmmm

    Both places also offer outstanding "diner" food with the Blue Benn offering some delish (I am told) vegetarian offerings.

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    Jerry Lurker

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default way cool!

    way cool!

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