Eating veggie on Bonaire - yes, it is possible!

You need to get creative...and be determined. But these have never been my shortcomings when it comes to food!

Thought I'd share from our experience for others aspiring to eat vegetarian - dare I even say vegan! - while on Bonaire.

First, I came armed with some staples. Brown jasmine rice. Wholegrain pasta. A few quick grain mixes. A tub of miso paste for soup.

But other than that, we found new treasures on this trip to Bonaire including:

~ big bags of frozen mushrooms (Warehouse)
~ piles of bok choy and onions (every market) for stir fries and soups
~ chunks of seasoned tofu (Cultimara)

Also - there is a NEW natural foods store right above the Botica that stocked, unbelievably, almond milk, that went well with the muesli we bought there. Let's all patronize this place so that it's inventory can flourish!

Read all about the store on the Bonaire Reporter here:

Sample meals we put together:

Stir fry onions with cabbage in veggie bouillion brought from home; put it over piles of jasmine brown rice with some cubes of seasoned tofu. Add a sauce made from cooked and blended frozen peas or corn (depending on if your mood is green or gold!)

Bowls of steaming noodle soup with frozen veggies and leftovers from the stir fry, chopped onions, and carrots; serve with a sammy made from wholegrain bread (Warehouse) and hummus (made from cans of garbanzo beans blended with lime juice - the juice is in bottles at the Warehouse).

Wholegrain spaghetti (brought some from home but also found some at More 4 Less) served with marinara (Prego from Warehouse), with a side of chopped fresh spinach (More 4 Less and Cultimara, quality sometimes hit or miss!) and kidney beans; Cabbage salads were a good second choice).

Breakfast was easy with a rotation of wholegrain cold cereal (Natural foods store downtown, Warehouse) and muesli; pancakes with wholegrain mix brought from home; hot mixed grain cereal.

The only place we found sorbet (ice cream without the cream!) was the Lover's ice cream by SandDollar; the one in the mall didn't have a sorbet the one time we were there.

I can't say I won't be glad to be back in my California kitchen with all the variety I am so lucky to be able to stock. But as eats on Bonaire go, this trip was a thumbs up for veggies!

Ideas to add to this list most welcome!


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