Direct (no translation) from Meagan's Parisian friend Claire (BFFs 4 ever)...

- take a good and tasty chicken
- cut it in pieces
- brown an onion in a casserole dish in cast iron with 1/2 cup of butter and another of olive oil
- make the pieces of chicken golden brown and add 12-14oz of smoked cubed bacon (lardon if you can find it)
- pour 3/4 of a bottle of champagne &#40;<u>drink the rest during the cooking!</u>&#41;
- add 2 cups of fresh cream
- make it salty and peppery
- add some potatoes cut in 4 pieces into the casserole dish &amp; 12-14 oz of button mushrooms
- let it cook during 45 minutes on a low flame
- thicken the sauce with corn flour in case &#40;some spoons&#41;
- make the seasoning getting better

Serve with a light red wine &#40;Burgundy/Beaujolais&#41;