***From SB Diet Book**You can substitute Chicken breast for the turkey******

Saute 2 tsp olive oil (ex virgin)
1.5 Cups chopped onion
.5 tsp dried thyme, cayenne, paprika,
salt,pepper,,,cook 5 minutes over med. heat.
Add .75 lb mushrooms, trimmed & chopped &
4 garlic cloves minced.. Saute until
onion is translucent & mushrooms are
Add 1- 15 oz can white kidney beans - rinsed
& drained (I mashed them up a bit), mix
& let cool.
IN a large bowl combine cooled mix with 1.25
lbs extra lean turkey, 2 large eggs,
2 tsp worcestershire sauce & mix well
(actually this is where I screwed up - I put in 4 tsp worstershire sauce, 2 tsp dijon mustard)
Place mix in a 8 X 4 X 2.5 inch metal or glass loaf pan either with cooking spray or lined with parchment paper.
Stir together 2 tsp worchestershire sauce & 2 tsp dijon & set aside.
(I accidentally mixed all the worster sauce & dijon in & used extra for the top & sprinkled it with fried onions - canned durkies or frenches)
Bake mid preheated 375deg. oven 50 minutes - take out & brush worster/dijon mix over top - bake again 10 to 15 minutes longer.
***Ensure internal temp is 170 deg F. ******
Let stand 5 -10 mins before servine & serve with additional dijon mustard.
Serves 6. 205 cals per serv. 1 g sat. fat, 30 g protein, 15 g carb. 4 g fiber, 549 mg sodium

Can freeze for up to 3 mos. cut into portions before freezing.

For diet food it was pretty good - hubbie ate it & even asked for leftovers again the next day (never happens unless its pizza)