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Thread: Tailgate Time in the SEC Ribs

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Thanks for taking the time to

    Thanks for taking the time to post that Brad, looks like I will have something to do on Sunday.

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    Brad Ford Lurker

    Default I saw your cooker in the bbq p

    I saw your cooker in the bbq pics and thought it looked perfect for smoking some ribs. Is it commercial or did you have it fabricated?

    I sometimes stretch out the 3 hours to 4 (total time = 6 hrs) if the ribs look a little fatty...

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    Jerry Lurker

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default I have had the fire Dept show

    I have had the fire Dept show up twice over the years. Last time they went back to the firehouse with two smoked chickens.

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    Brad Ford Lurker

    Default No dummies at the firehouse.

    No dummies at the firehouse.

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    Jerry Lurker

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    1-2 bottles of good Zin.
    2-Double thick pork chops with two bone in.
    Your favorite dry rub.
    1/2 cup brown sugar.
    1/2 Kosher salt.

    5lbs of wood charcoal (Not that Kingsford crap)
    1 Oak log split (not green)
    Wireless Thermometer.
    Charcoal grill or smoker (Bigger the better)

    Large Zipp-lock bag.

    Step one, brining the meat.

    Boil two cups of water. When just starting to boil, remove from heat and transfer to a large bowl, add the brown sugar, mix till dissolved, then mix in the salt. Once mixture is dissolved, add three cups of cold water.
    Let stand till it is room temp, about 15 min's??

    Open the Zin, poor a glass and enjoy as the brine cools.

    Once cooled, add the brine to the Zip-lock bag, add the two chops. Return the full bag to a clean bowl. Zip close the bag, try to remove as much air as you can.
    Transfer to the fridge. Let brine for one hour.

    Poor another glass of wine.

    Time's up.

    Remove from the fridge, remove the chops from the brine and rinse very well under cold water.
    Pat dry the chops and place on a baking rack. Apply the rub, cover top very well then turn and cover the bottom. Do not apply rub to the sides. Cover loosely with a clean white cloth, or paper towels and let rest for 1/2 hr.

    Poor another glass of wine.

    Ok, time to spark up the grill.

    We are going to use the two fire method. On one side of the grill start your charcoals with a chimney starter...NO LIGHTER FLUID. Get a good hot fire going. Place grate close to the charcoals. When flames have stopped and the charcoals are becoming gray and very hot, wipe the grate with veg oil using a paper towel and tongs. (Don't use you hand Skippy)

    Poor more wine.

    Place the two chops over the center of the coals. This will sear the meat and lock in the juices. About one min, check and make sure it's not burning. Turn when golden - well chaired. Place chops to the cool side of the grill (As close to the exhaust as you can). Insert the Wireless Thermometer probe through the side of the chop mid way.

    Adjust intake vent about 1/3. Adjust exhaust 1/3. Close cover, note temp.

    More wine.

    Add more charcoal as needed in order to maintain a hot fire.

    When temp hits 80-90 degrees, add the oak log and more charcoal. ADJUST THE EXHAUST TO 1/4.

    By my count it's time to crack open another bottle of wine and start whatever side you want.

    PLEASE NOTE: Cooking time does depend on grill being used, out door temp, wind.

    When temp hits 155-160 remove the chops and cover with foil for 5-10 min's

    Serve on a warm plate.

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