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Thread: Grouper

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    Jerry C Ligon Lurker

    Default Thanks Silvia for mentioning m

    Thanks Silvia for mentioning my idea. It is simple. Award those restaurants that do not serve unsustainable fish, like groupers, or snappers that live on the shallow reef with a GREEN FISH that could be displayed in their restaurant stating that they are environmentally conscious and that they will not serve fish that depletes critical fish populations. Boycotts are one way but has a negative connotation.

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    Jerry C Ligon Lurker

    Default May want to check out an artic

    May want to check out an article that I wrote click on The Naturalist and find the article "Sustainable fish and the Knowledgeable Tourist", Feb, 2008.
    Don't be a Bozo Tourist

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    Vince Lurker

    Default Silvia & Jerry.. Well, wha

    Silvia & Jerry.. Well, whatever works best,I'm all for it!
    **Jerry* excellent article. Should be required reading for all who patronize the local restaurants.
    I really do like the saying..
    "Don't be a Bozo Tourist"

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