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Thread: Cyndebs Weenies in BBQ Sauce

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    Corney Ann Lurker

    Default Another weenie receipe 1 lb.

    Another weenie receipe
    1 lb. hot dogs or the little tiny ones
    3/4 C prepared mustard (yellow)
    1 10 oz jar current jelly

    heat mustard and jelly and sit well
    add cut up hot dogs and serve.

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    Corney Ann Lurker

    Default It is Monday and my brain isn&

    It is Monday and my brain isn't working yet.
    directions should say stir well.

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    *joe brannan* Lurker

    Default Greased up weenies on the dock

    Greased up weenies on the dock.
    I'm duct taping my lips together and my fingers apart....lest I say something I remember.

    Nuffin wrong with weenies and long as there's MAC AND CHEESE.

    remember, as you go through your day
    "It's the holidays out careful"


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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default Guy told me a story of making

    Guy told me a story of making this same recipe back in his glory days traveling the coast with his best bud --- although I believe they poured a can of Pabst in the mix too

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    *Tink* Lurker

    Default weenies weenies on a dock...LMAO... This recipe first came about on Bonaire. It was our last night, and we had a package of hotdogs untouched and a bottle of BBQ sauce. We were doing horse de vours on the dock with Jerry and L. M whipped up the BBQ weenies and we took the pan down...they were a all eaten up too...there's a pic somewhere...

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