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Thread: Hot spicy onion

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    Joe Stauber Lurker

    Default What is the name of the hot sp

    What is the name of the hot spicy onion that is served on the tables on many local restaurants? Looks like it is chopped onion in vinegar with a few hot peppers thrown in.
    Does anyone have an actual recipe?

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Joe, it's picketed onions

    Joe, it's picketed onions with a few red pepper flakes.

    It's made from left overs.

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    Joe Stauber Lurker

    Default It is called Pika Siboyo. H

    It is called Pika Siboyo.

    Here is a link about Pika Siboyo and a few other Bonaire dishes. Actually a pretty interesting article

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    Bob - RE/MAX Bonaire - Lurker

    Default Jerry/Joe - It is not spice

    Jerry/Joe -

    It is not spiced with red pepper flakes, what you see are very finely chopped Habanero's or Scotch Bonnet peppers that are REALLY hot. Yummy, but it can be very spicy depending on the cook.

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